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The Brown Carpet

Dec 21, 2019

THIS WEEK - It's our Season 1 finale - Episode 50!  We are joined in studio by Gary and Jeremy of Careless Whispod for a prostate devastating double-ender.  There's some golden toilet humor as we plunge into an abandoned bag of dildos to create a phallic heist film like no other - 'Hand Over ( Rubber ) Fist.'


Dec 5, 2019

THIS WEEK - Corey and Josh strap TV sets to their heads and devise a beefy sleeper-cell thriller with a murderous dance number and an infomercial for a footbath / fondue set.

Featuring made-for-tv performances by Sam Elliott, Zach Galifianakis, Ellen Degeneres and Dean Norris.

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Aug 11, 2019

THIS WEEK - Corey and Josh head down to the valley for a rain drenched, New Years Eve music festival - where the secret headliner is a 25-foot meth-fueled crocodile.    

Featuring prehistoric performances by Jesse Eisenberg, Belle Delphine, Bindy Irwin and Paul Hogan.      

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Jul 9, 2019

THIS WEEK - Corey and Josh take a potent trip deep into the melting mind of a drug-addled, alien-obsessed loner - and a psychedelic cinematic masterpiece is born...  "Love Space Detonate."

Featuring spaced-out performances by Rupert Grint, Lily James, Bob Lazar and Joe Rogan.      

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Jun 23, 2019

THIS WEEK - Corey, Josh and a massive Mexican chase a deadbeat jockey across America in this redneck, rubber burning, Dukes of Hazard-themed episode. 

Featuring fiery performances by Elijah Wood, Danny Trejo, Lauren Ambrose and Danny McBride.      

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