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The Brown Carpet

Feb 26, 2018

THIS WEEK on The BCP, a mysterious disappearance flares into fuzzy fisticuffs while burlesque bereavement babes resurrect a stiff. 

Featuring questionable performances from Chris Hemsworth, Rihanna, Ronda Rousey and DMX.

Listen to the podcast that spilt gravy on your doona.

Afterwards - don't forget to jump on our...

Feb 18, 2018

THIS WEEK on The BCP, an eggstraordinary tale of olympic level failure takes on an artist's rendition of alien copulation and betrayal. 

Featuring thoroughly disappointing performances from Kristofer Hivju, Grace Jones, Dolph Lundgren and Paul Dano.

Listen to the podcast that becomes a recipe for quiche lorraine when...

Feb 12, 2018

THIS WEEK on The BCP, lube up, log in & tune out cause it's a live streamer's wet dream taking on a hairy set of radioactive alien plums. 

Featuring sadly regrettable performances by Jack Black, Sasha Baron Cohen, Amy Schumer and Kristaps Porzingus.

Listen to the podcast with your kneecaps dipped in cottage cheese -...

Feb 5, 2018

THIS WEEK on The BCP, put em' on the glass cause where going on a trip down mammary lane whilst driving under the influence of divine intervention. 

Featuring unfortunate performances by Angus Sampson, Donald Glover, Jaden Smith and Paul Walker.

Listen to the podcast made of 100% unfiltered gluten.

Don't forget to jump...