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The Brown Carpet

Mar 26, 2018

THIS WEEK on The BCP, we welcome the delightfully weird and wonderful Sally Lopez back into the studio for co-hosting duties - plus we find out what Corey is doing in Spain. 

It's a flaming Floridian spaghetti incident taking on a coke-fuelled commuter on a quest for a cure.

Featuring stale performances from Bradley...

Mar 18, 2018

THIS WEEK on The BCP, we welcome a couple very special guests into the studio - co-hosts of the Deaf To All But Metal Podcast, Jeremy Davidson and Gary Grim join us for a 2-on-2, no-holds-barred, pitch-a-palooza for ultimate supremecy. 

It's a pacifist pyromaniac's pest problem up against a coven of kinky crones in a...

Mar 5, 2018

THIS WEEK on The BCP, glam-cow speed metal takes on an unrelenting urine-powered elevator exorcism. 

Featuring disgraceful performances from Jeremy Davidson, Julian Dennison, Gotye and James Earl Jones.

Listen to the podcast that punched Martin Shkreli in the dickhole.

Afterwards - don't forget to jump on our Facebook...