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The Brown Carpet

May 31, 2018

THIS WEEK on The BCP, it's a wizard collecting, scumbag secret-agent taking on a misfit & munted military unit with their twitchy fingers on the trigger. 

Featuring loose performances from Eric Andre, Seth Rogan, Bruce Campbell and Anna Faris.

Listen to the podcast that smells like a gob of week-old ear wax.


May 17, 2018

THIS WEEK on The BCP, we welcome back into the studio Gary and Jeremy from the Deaf To All But Metal podcast for round two.

It's a deceased, bank-robbing loser versus a muck-flinging, monkey on a mission from Harambe.     

Featuring stiff performances from Mark Ruffalo, Remi Malek, Marisa Tomei and Bill Murray.


May 3, 2018

THIS WEEK on The BCP, flying feathery fists of fury take on a lubed-up and slippery serial slayer.    

Featuring glistening performances from Tom Hardy, Ilana Glazer, Kate Winslet and John Goodman.

Listen to the podcast that knows exactly who let the dogs out.

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