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The Brown Carpet

Apr 14, 2018

THIS WEEK on The BCP, it's a blood-thirsty Friday the 13th special and the long-awaited return of Mr Ginge Minge himself, Corey Farrell...

It's an avalanche of the undersized undead up against a prejudiced Peruvian pressure system.

Featuring horrific performances from Maisie Williams, Bill Paxton, Bill Burr and Wanda...

Apr 5, 2018

THIS WEEK on The BCP, while Corey's pubic procedure evolves, we're joined by Peter Sharp for a little poultry poetry. 

It's a frisky, feathery canoe deep in international waters versus a blinding beam of holy funk.

Featuring rancid performances from Chris Lilley, Elijah Wood, Chuck Norris and Owen Wilson.

Listen to the...